New York's Mermaid Parade!

June 17, 2019
Glitter up!
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Summer on the Hudson...?

June 13, 2019
How about that for a change?
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Movie night or concert night? New York let's you pick!

June 10, 2019
With good weather, comes good time!
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Beach and Festival season is upon us! (Finally!)

June 6, 2019
Want to know what's poppin' in NYC?
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'Tis summertime in the Big Apple!

June 3, 2019
Here are two events taking place in Central Park that you might like!
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The old and the new capital !

May 30, 2019
Why not try something new for once?
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Our football packages are finally here!

May 29, 2019
Jets? Bills? Raiders?Patriots?
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Governors Island; TBD (To be discovered!)

May 23, 2019
For a sunny day in NYC!
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Night Market or Science Festival?

May 21, 2019
All taking place this weekend in the big apple!
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Fleet Week in NYC!

May 16, 2019
A well-served maritime week!
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Top 6 street-food in NYC!

May 14, 2019
According to Frenzy Tours!
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Tacos and Rumba! In the heart of New York City!

May 13, 2019
A long weekend is coming! Don't stay locked up at home!
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Beans? Solar? Champs?

May 9, 2019
How well do you know the city of Boston?
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Make some space for New York's first outlet mall!

May 6, 2019
Shopping related news, are my favorite kind of news!
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Much to do this weekend in New York!

May 1, 2019
Are you more of a Beer person or a Wildlife person?
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Need a little getaway? New York is waiting for you!

Apr. 30, 2019
Do you know that we have departures for New York every Friday?
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Happy Earth Month!

Apr. 24, 2019
In NYC this weekend? Come visit this local vegan pop-up market!
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The Holi Festival!

Apr. 23, 2019
Can't make it to India this weekend? Well, New York will do it!
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A nice weekend in New York to unwind!

Apr. 17, 2019
Will take care of it!
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Boston...Oh Boston!

Apr. 11, 2019
Spend Easter weekend in Boston this year! It'll be worth your time!
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Easter Weekend in New York... Why not right?

Apr. 8, 2019
Feel like spicing things up this year? I've got some ideas!
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Petalpalooza in Washington!

Apr. 4, 2019
In honor of Cherry Trees season!
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Bonnet Parade. Easter Weekend. New York City!

Apr. 1, 2019
The picture says it all!
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Winter Stations in Toronto are there for one last weekend!

Mar. 28, 2019
You needed a reason to go the beach?
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Journey to Paradisios: Operation Inspiration

Mar. 25, 2019
It's blossom season and we couldn't be happier!
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Our New bus!

Mar. 18, 2019
I just want to say that 2019 is kind of our year here at Frenzy. First we had Wi-Fi introduced to all of our buses with access to it all over Canada as well as in the United States- Woop! Woop!- and N
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Hudson Yards: A 26 billion-dollar project!

Mar. 17, 2019
It's everything you could imagine and more!
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Happy Nowruz!

Mar. 14, 2019
Come celebrate the Persian new year this saturday in Washington!
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Quick reminder! St-Patricks day is this weekend!

Mar. 11, 2019
Still got that shamrock-shaped pair of sunglasses?
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Philadelphia is hosting the 2019 Florists Transworld Delivery World Cup!!

Feb. 28, 2019
A floral competition and butterflies! What better?
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The Toronto Light Festival!

Feb. 25, 2019
An urban light oasis!
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The Orchid show in New York is back to blossom!

Feb. 21, 2019
Probably the best way to remedy your winter blues!
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You'll never have a day off in New York!

Feb. 18, 2019
How are you spending your Saturday in New York this weekend?
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Happy Valentine's and Galentine's day!

Feb. 14, 2019
In need of bit of inspiration... Check out how New Yorkers celebrate this day of love and appreciation!
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Come celebrate the Year of the Pig in New York City!

Feb. 11, 2019
No matter what your background is, everyone is welcomed!
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Washington and Philadelphia during the summer is not to be missed!

Feb. 7, 2019
From the Capital Wheel in Washington to the Wawa Welcome Parade in Philadelphia!
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This Sunday! You don't want to miss it!

Jan. 31, 2019
Tune in for the 2019 Super Bowl this Sunday!
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Yes! There ARE interesting things to do in Boston during winter time!

Jan. 28, 2019
We present you our top 4 winter activities to do in Boston!
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Winter Jam is coming to the Big Apple!

Jan. 25, 2019
Who doesn't love a good snowball fight?
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Niagara's Winter Festival of Lights!

Jan. 21, 2019
No plans this weekend? Check this out!
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To all my celtic music lovers: Boston is where it's happening this weekend!

Jan. 14, 2019
The Boston Celtic Festival returns to Harvard Square!
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Blooming ambiance guaranteed!

Jan. 7, 2019
Everything is in the presentation!
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Choo Choo down childhood memory lane!

Dec. 31, 2018
I know what you’re thinking and no, it’s not just for kids.
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We wish you happy, happy holidays!

Dec. 24, 2018
Here is a little gift from us, to you!
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Ho Ho Ho! Last chance to meet Santa Claus!

Dec. 17, 2018
It's a 12 months wait after that...
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Montreal or New York? Who has the best bagels?

Dec. 10, 2018
We've settled the argument!
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Gingerbread, Gingerbread, Gigerbread lane!

Dec. 5, 2018
The biggest gingerbread village in the world is in New York!
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New York for the New Year… doesn’t that sound good?

Nov. 28, 2018
Transition between 2018 and 2019 in the Big Apple!
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The Rockettes are rocking it Christmas Style!

Nov. 26, 2018
‘’The Radio City Christmas Spectacular’’
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New York Parade: even bigger, even more fun!

Nov. 19, 2018
This week, you don't want to sleep on Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade!
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The Christmas Tree is Here!

Nov. 12, 2018
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Skating in New York!

Nov. 7, 2018
New York is offering you some of the best ice rinks!
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Hear ye! Hear ye! Cider week has arrived in NYC

Nov. 5, 2018
New York is celebrating Cider this week!
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Spend Black Friday in NYC with Frenzy Tours

Oct. 31, 2018
Shopping the New Yorker way!
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New Trip to New York!

Aug. 28, 2018
Spend 4 days in New York at a hotel in the heart of Manhattan
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NYC Broadway Week

Aug. 27, 2018
Take advantage of Broadway week and see your favorite play!
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Visit Niagara Falls as a family

Aug. 20, 2018
Take the family out on a great weekend trip to the beautiful city of Niagara Falls
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The Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival

Aug. 6, 2018
Experience the Chinese culture on the shore of Queen Park’s lake in New York
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Harlem week

July 30, 2018
Come celebrate one of New York’s most famous neighborhoods
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Boston Music Festivals

July 23, 2018
Come dance to the rhythm of music!
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Kayaking in Brooklyn Bridge Park

July 16, 2018
There is much more to New York than museums!
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Discover New York’s FAD market

July 9, 2018
This pop-up market will not leave you indifferent!
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The Rhythm of New York

July 3, 2018
Your favorite artists in New York’s best parks!
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Canada Day in Niagara Falls

June 26, 2018
Celebrate Canada Day surrounded by the most enchanting landscapes!
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Movies in the Park in New York City!

June 18, 2018
Spend a wonderful evening watching a movie in one of New York’s many parks!
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New departure location in Laval effective as of Friday, September 8, 2017

Aug. 29, 2017
Our new departure location offers free parking and is right off the 440 highway, for your convenience!
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Broadways Shows

Aug. 17, 2017
Cut the price of Broadway tickets in half during NYC Broadway Week!
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Survive New York’s Heat Waves

Aug. 8, 2017
Stay cool during your trip to New York
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Summertime in New York

July 20, 2017
This summer, New York has something to offer for everyone!
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The holiday season in New York

Nov. 7, 2016
The most wonderful time of the year, don’t miss out on all the great things New York has to offer this upcoming holiday season.
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Introducing our new 4 star hotel in Manhattan!

Mar. 16, 2016
Clients who choose the package ‘New York: Hotel in Manhattan’ will now get to enjoy the comforts of the Marriott East Side Hotel.
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We now offer six departures to Boston in 2016!

Jan. 29, 2016
With Frenzy Tours you’ll get to explore Boston, Charlestown and Cambridge, with a choice of visits to Newport’s mansions in the summer or Salem in the fall!
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Visit the former and current capital of the United States with Frenzy Tours!

Jan. 25, 2016
Our Philadelphia and Washington package includes guided tours, visits to museums and historical sites including a jail and superior accommodations located within walking distance of many tourist attra
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Discover the Falls with Frenzy Tours!

Jan. 18, 2016
Our Niagara Falls package is back in 2016 with more departures and a new recently renovated hotel that is centrally located to all tourist attractions!
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Don’t miss out on great travel opportunities in 2016!

Jan. 13, 2016
Frenzy Tours has even more to offer with reduced rates, new hotels and an increase in departure dates!
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Some tips before your departure to New York City with Frenzy Tours:

Aug. 27, 2015
Here are some valuable recommendations that will be very useful!
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Would you like to shop while you visit New York?

July 30, 2015
Then 34th Street between 5th and 8th Avenue should meet your needs!
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New Frenzy Tours office opening right in the heart of downtown Montreal!

May 26, 2015
Frenzy Tours will be at the Infotourist Centre of Montreal, at Dorchester Square, during the summer.
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Wondering why you should travel with Frenzy Tours?

May 8, 2015
Here are 10 great reasons and more to travel with us!
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The specialist in bus tour travel has outdone itself once again...

Apr. 10, 2015
Frenzy Tours now travels with Murray Hill coaches!
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There's so much going on in April in NYC!

Apr. 1, 2015
Here's some suggestions worth checking out...
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Have taken a look at our tour schedule for 2015?

Feb. 13, 2015
A new hotel, a big party, reduced rates and even more departure dates!
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New York has a charming new ambassador for tourism...

Dec. 16, 2014
And she’ll be headlining the biggest party of the year in Times Square!
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As November begins, New York City gets decked out in holiday lights

Nov. 4, 2014
The skating rinks have opened and shop windows have been decorated: the only part missing? YOU!
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The year is far from over at Frenzy Tours…

Oct. 18, 2014
There are still a few key dates and a sensational store opening!
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What is the best place in the United States to celebrate Halloween?

Oct. 12, 2014
The town of Salem that witches made famous, despite them.
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New departure location in Laval effective as of Friday, October 10, 2014

Oct. 2, 2014
Now with Free Parking, in proximity to Metro Montmorency and next to a 24-hour Tim Hortons for your convenience and comfort!
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From the Staten Island Ferry, you can see the colossal Statue of Liberty from afar as she enlightens the world...

Sept. 6, 2014
Better yet, see her up close, aboard the luxurious Zephyr yacht with Frenzy Tours!
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Frenzy Tours leaves the choice to you for Labour Day Weekend!

Aug. 20, 2014
Will you be headed to Niagara, Boston or New York City?
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Fall Football Frenzy

Aug. 16, 2014
Travel to New York City to see the Jets take on the Raiders, Broncos or Steelers!
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Travel with Frenzy Tours on Labour Day Weekend!

Aug. 13, 2014
Whether you’re headed to New York City, Boston or Niagara Falls, it’s the perfect summer escape
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Welcome on our new website!

Aug. 1, 2014
Frenzy Tours is proud to welcome you to its new website.
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You want to discover the spots where luminaries have lived?

July 22, 2014
Famous people have made a home in every borough of New York...
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Want to walk in the footsteps of your favourite stars?

June 26, 2014
Make your way to the set locations of famous movies filmed in New York City!
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Niagara Falls continues to surprise after 167 years…

June 14, 2014
You can be among the first to discover the Falls aboard the Hornblower Cruises!
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A New York Suprise for Desjardins members travelling with Frenzy Tours

May 20, 2014
Radio & TV Host Anaïs Favron boarded one of our Frenzy Tours buses en route to New York on April 18 to provide Desjardins members with tickets to the Cirque du Soleil’s show Amaluna performed in the B...
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Are you wondering how to celebrate St-Jean-Baptiste or Canada Day?

May 14, 2014
Why not take advantage of Frenzy Tours’ packages tailor-made for these holidays!
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Why not take advantage of one last long weekend before the summer season?

Apr. 30, 2014
Frenzy Tours can take you there for the Victoria Day Weekend.
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Why not take advantage of this end of July to discover the Windy City?

Apr. 18, 2014
Chicago is full of possibilities, some of which are in real proximity to your hotel...
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While spring is in full bloom, why not treat yourself to a weekend getaway?

Apr. 3, 2014
Frenzy Tours offers you New York and Boston packages at Easter.
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The Chicago, Detroit and Toronto package has been enhanced!

Mar. 20, 2014
Frenzy Tours has chosen two new hotels superbly situated for you.
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Frenzy Tours celebrates its 10 years with a bang!

Mar. 10, 2014
For its 10th anniversary, Frenzy Tours is giving away a trip for two to New York.
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Frenzy Tours is returning to the fray with a revamped Philadelphia and Washington package.

Feb. 20, 2014
This new version of our package will allow you to get the most out of these two cities.
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Feb. 12, 2014
To participate, “Like” Frenzy Tours, then enter the contest here:
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Frenzy Tours now offers a new bus pick up location!

Feb. 10, 2014
Other than Montreal, you can now also depart from Laval.
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Frenzy Tours innovates again in 2014!

Jan. 31, 2014
Frenzy Tours offers from now on a visit to a castle reknown for its magnificent gardens : The Elms.
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Frenzy Tours offers you more options for New York trips every weekend...

Jan. 20, 2014
From now on travellers will always have the choice of accommodations in Manhattan or New Jersey!
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Frenzy Tours invites you once again to cap off the year in the city that never sleeps!

Dec. 17, 2013
New York celebrates the end of the year in large with around a million people in Times Square...
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New York’s Christmas markets have opened their stands!

Dec. 5, 2013
New York boasts a variety of markets, yours to discover...
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Stuck on holiday gifts? A Frenzy Tours Gift Card is guaranteed to please!

Nov. 26, 2013
This holiday season, give your loved ones the gift of travel, exploration and discovery.
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Are you already familiar with the borough of Manhattan?

Nov. 21, 2013
Perhaps it’s time for you to explore Brooklyn!
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Do you want to go Holiday shopping?

Nov. 4, 2013
Frenzy Tours has a tailor-made trip, just for you: “New York: Shopping”
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What city is full of extraordinary, affordable museums?

Sept. 26, 2013
New York City! There’s something for all tastes and budgets.
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New York City's unbeatable shopping

Sept. 19, 2013
In this diverse city, there’s something to please everyone!
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Did you know that Frenzy Tours offers two different versions of our Boston trip?

Aug. 13, 2013
Whether you’re looking for mansions or witches, with us, you’ve got options!
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New York City, a melting pot to discover!

Aug. 6, 2013
When you visit New York, you visit the entire world...
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How to treat yourself in New York without breaking the bank?

July 15, 2013
Enjoy one of the many New York classics that have not aged at all over the years ...
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Looking for ideas on how to spend a beautiful weekend in New York?

July 4, 2013
Here are a few suggestions from a list of 101 activities found in Time Out magazine:
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Win a trip to Boston and New England's Mansions

June 27, 2013
Invite your Facebook friends to participate and increase your chances of winning!
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Zagat: the unbeatable guide to discovering New York City!

June 20, 2013
Whether you’re interested in cuisine, shopping or outings, you’ll be sure to find countless suggestions.
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The waterfalls with the greatest flow in the world are close to home!

June 4, 2013
Discover the Niagara Falls, day and night, with Frenzy Tours.
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There’s no need to travel to Europe to visit palaces!

May 20, 2013
Discover New England’s (majestic, castle-like) mansions with Frenzy Tours
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Please note our office will be closed on Monday May 20, 2013.

May 17, 2013
From all the staff at Frenzy Tours we wish you a very Happy Victoria Day!
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Win a trip for two to New York City with Frenzy Tours!

May 14, 2013
We want you and a special someone to join us June 29th to July 1st 2013 on our “I love New York” package!
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The National Football League never has been as affordable with Frenzy Tours!

Apr. 29, 2013
It is never too early to start planning your football season…
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Do you think that Broadway shows are over your budget?

Apr. 16, 2013
Here is how to save money on Broadway show tickets!
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Frenzy Tours is pleased to introduce Escale à Boston from Ulysses travel guides.

Apr. 2, 2013
Another travel guide that will help you choose THE best spots for a short trip!
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Please note our office will be closed on Monday April 1, 2013.

Mar. 28, 2013
From all the staff at Frenzy Tours we wish you a very Happy Easter!
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New York is the best city in the world according to Time Out magazine!

Mar. 14, 2013
Or at least this is what the New York version of the magazine claims...
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Niagara Falls, Toronto and the Thousand Islands, a great classic that never gets old!

Feb. 27, 2013
Whether it is your first time or whether you have been there many times, there is always something new to be discovered...
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Did you know that Frenzy Tours offers customized group tours?

Feb. 18, 2013
Years of experience in packaged tours at your service.
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Now that the holiday season has come to an end, it is time to think about new adventures!

Feb. 4, 2013
Frenzy Tours offers much more than Montreal to New York ...
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Frenzy Tours is pleased to offer Escale à New York a Ulysses travel guide.

Jan. 16, 2013
A new travel guide that allows you to choose the absolute best for a short stay!
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Please note our office will be closed from Sunday December 30 and will re open on Monday January 7.

Dec. 28, 2012
From all the staff at Frenzy Tours, we wish you a Happy New Year!
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Are you sure you know ALL there is to know about the holiday season in New York.

Dec. 24, 2012
Aside from classic landmarks such as Macy’s, the Rockefeller Center and Times Square, to name a few, there are many other discoveries to be made in the Big Apple!
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You have one last chance to meet the real Santa Claus with Frenzy Tours!

Dec. 17, 2012
Santa Claus welcomes you every day before December 25th, at Macy’s, the largest department store in the world.
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Have you ever skated in front of an 80-foot tree in the middle of the city that never sleeps?

Dec. 10, 2012
The beautifully illuminated tree at Rockefeller Center is now installed and just below it is the most famous skating rink in New York.
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Will you take part in the biggest party of the year?

Dec. 3, 2012
Around one million people are expected in Times Square and its surrounding streets on the eve of December 31st.
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A Gift Card from Frenzy Tours for the Holidays?

Nov. 29, 2012
Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone special? The Frenzy Tours gift card is the perfect solution.Best of all, you choose the amount that you want to offer!
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Times Square is about to celebrate the end of a great year!

Nov. 26, 2012
Each year thousands of tourists gather in Times Square on December 31.
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New York takes on the holidays!!

Nov. 19, 2012
We can already feel the holiday spirit in New York (and it is not just because of the roasted chestnuts!).
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New York goes Black!

Nov. 13, 2012
New York will experience another shopping Frenzy on the famous Black Friday.
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New: Online reservation system

Nov. 9, 2012
New online reservation system. It's a sure way to help you save time and best of all you'll be able to book any of our packages 24 hours a day!
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Souvenir gift from Frenzy Tours!

Aug. 7, 2012
Frenzy Tours offers you an souvenir lanyard so you can carry with you what is close to your heart!
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New: Philadelphia and Washington

Mar. 1, 2012
Frenzy Tours now offers Philadelphia and Washington package in 4 days and 3 nights. Step in the shoes of Rocky and the American President..
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Video: New York with Frenzy Tours!

Feb. 27, 2012
Get a glimpse of the Big Apple by watching our video!
[Read more]

New: Cruise on board the luxurious Zephyr yacht

Feb. 4, 2012
Frenzy Tours nows offers a new way to admire up close the Statue of Liberty abord the New York Water Taxi. You can now appreaciate Bartholdi and Eiffel's work without having to adjust the zoom on you...
[Read more]

What is the New York with ‘Free Time’ option?

Jan. 13, 2012
This option is designed for those who want to visit New York without the sightseeing tours and cruises. You are free to explore the city and shop at your own pace. When choosing this option, you will ...
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