New Frenzy Tours office opening right in the heart of downtown Montreal!

Frenzy Tours will be at the Infotourist Centre of Montreal, at Dorchester Square, during the summer.

Frenzy Tours will now have a location next to the Gray Line offices at the Infotourist Centre of Montreal until mid-October that will be open Monday through Saturday. We still offer our usual packages as well as tailored group trips anywhere in Quebec! We’ve chose the Infotourist Centre due to its location being in Dorchester Square, two minutes away from St-Catherine street, and because it sees about a million tourists every year... You are of course always welcome to consult our website for any information regarding our trips or to reserve online at Frenzy Tours wanted to offer this second service point during the summer period not only to tourists passing by, but also to those who work downtown and who would want a week-end getaway. From all of us at Frenzy Tours, have a wonderful summer!

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