Gift Card

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone special? Why not offer a gift card to travel with Frenzy Tours? This gift card will enable that special someone choose a package among the following destinations: New York (including a special shopping package and special packages for New Year's Eve in Times Square), Boston and the mansions of New England (including the witches of Salem at Halloween), Niagara Falls, Toronto and Thousand-Islands, Chicago and Detroit, Philadelphia and Washington, as well as sports trips for fans of hockey and football.

Nothing is easier than to obtain a gift card with Frenzy Tours! You may visit us at our office or call at (514.285.2777 or at 1.866.394.8465). Best of all, you choose the amount that you want to offer.

To make a reservation for a package with a gift card, you will need to come by office with the gift card in hand. One cannot use a gift card once the reservation has been finalized.

A gift card can neither be refunded, completely or in part, nor can it be compensated in the event of loss. If a gift card is not entirely used, the amount remaining could be used for another package.