Terms and conditions of sale


You are responsible for carefully reading the Canadian government's website Canadian Government Covid-19 Guidelines to ensure that you can enter the United States and return to Canada. Frenzy Tours cannot be held responsible if you do not meet the conditions for entering the United States or those for returning to Canada.


The rates on the website have precedence over all the other prices posted by Frenzy Tours. The rates indicated are per person. Each package of the website indicates what is included and what is not included in the price. To benefit from a reduction according to age, it is necessary to be between 5 and 16 years old. There is only one such reduction of this type for a passenger between 5 and 16 years per adult.


If you make a reservation online or by telephone, you will receive an email of confirmation. If you make a reservation at the office, you will receive a confirmation on the premises. At the moment of reception of your confirmation, you must ensure yourself that all information is correct, if not, advise us as soon as possible. Your reservation will be guaranteed only at the time of the final payment.


Following your reservation, you must fill out the registration form which will be sent to you by email, if you register online or by telephone, or it will submitted by hand at the office. Each person must fill out a separate form. Please fill out all the parts of the form without omitting anything. The name that you will use in the form must be the same one as the one on your passport or any other travel document which you will use. Each registration form must be signed.

Confirmation and departure

During the week previous to departure, you will receive a call from the office of Frenzy Tours to confirm the departure and the number of your bus. It is your responsibility to locate the point of boarding and to present yourself at least 15 minutes before departure. You will have to give your registration form to the accompanying guide upon entering the bus. You may then choose your seat while boarding the bus and you will have to keep the same seat throughout the tour.


Frenzy Tours strongly recommends to all its customers to subscribe, at the very least, to a medical travel insurance since the Quebec medical insurance does not entirely cover the expenses outside Quebec. We offer a medical travel insurance and/or cancellation with Blue Cross. Link to the website Blue Cross

Frenzy Tours cannot guarantee whatever room request you may have regarding bedding type. Your request will be transmitted to the hotel; however it is only the hotel that remains responsible for the attribution of the rooms.


The bus drivers are subjected to legal constraints for the hours of driving and cannot, in no way, exceed these hours and are under penalty of heavy fines, even in the event of delay and whatever may be the reason. In addition, with an aim of making sure that all the customers can benefit from the best possible conditions during the voyage, it is forbidden to smoke or consume alcohol in the bus. It should be noted moreover that the accompanying guide will refuse at the boarding or will expel from the bus any person intoxicated or whose conduct is inappropriate as in cases of verbal and/or physical violence. A person who is refused from boarding or who has been expelled from the bus will not be refunded and will have to assume alone all the subsequent expenses.


Because the set packages have been prepared for months in advance, Frenzy Tours reserves the right to bring changes to the schedule, the hotel or the price, without notice. The order of visits and activities could also change during travel however the basic program will be respected.

Requirements of entry into the United States

It is your responsibility to ensure yourself to have the necessary documents in hand to enter into the United States.

Canadian citizens must present one of the following valid documents to enter into the United States overland:

  • A passport
  • A NEXUS card
  • A card of the program Free and Secure Trade (FAST)
  • A driver’s license Plus (PCA) or an identity card Plus(CI Plus)
  • A protected certificate of Indian status

Canadian citizens 15 years old or less have only to present a proof of Canadian citizenship, such as the original or a photocopy of a birth certificate, or the original of a citizenship card. You can consult the website of the Canadian Border Service Agency to learn some more.

If you are not a Canadian citizen, it is your responsibility to inform yourself at the American customs to know the requirements of entry at 703.526.4200 or at 1.877.227.5511 or online at US Customs and Border Protection.

In case you would not observe the conditions of entry into the United States, you will have to return to Montreal by your own means and at your expense, starting from the border post.


It is your responsibility to present yourself on time at the time of departure and to follow the itinerary set by your accompanying guide. In the event of delay on your part, the bus will leave without you and you will then have to join the group by your own means and at your expense.


You are responsible for your actions and all the damage which will result from them. Remain vigilant with your goods, Frenzy Tours is not being responsible for lost or stolen goods.

Policy of reimbursement in the event of a cancellation

If you want to cancel your trip, you must contact us at the office or by telephone during working hours. Here’s our policy for refunds:
- 45 days before departure: We will entirely reimburse you.
- Between 44 and 21 days before the departure: We will charge you a 100$ fee per person.
- Less than 20 days before departure: You will not be entitled to any reimbursement except by means of the travel insurance that you will have subscribed to. You may however have yourself replaced by giving notice to Frenzy Tours at least 48 hours before departure with the name of the new passenger and his/her date of birth.

Frenzy Tours cannot be held responsible for changes brought to the itinerary in case of force majeure, that is to say an unforeseeable and irresistible event connected, among other, to the weather, the road conditions or the passage of the customs.