1. How do I make a reservation with Frenzy Tours?

After having chosen your destination and your date of departure, you can make a reservation directly online through our website, by telephone (at 514.285.2777 or at 1.866.394.8465) or by visiting our office. During the week previous to your departure, you will receive a phone call from Frenzy Tours to confirm your departure from Laval or Montreal and your bus number.

2. What methods of payment are accepted?

  • On line: credit card (Visa or Mastercard)
  • At the office: credit card (Visa or Mastercard), banking-machine card, check (at least two weeks before departure) or cash
  • By telephone: credit card (Visa or Mastercard)
  • By mail: check (at least two weeks before departure)

3. Why is there a supplement on packages that include a holiday?

During holiday weekends (Easter, Victoria Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and New Year's Day), demand is high therefore the hotels and bus companies charge higher rates, which in turn obliges us to increase our rates.

4. Do I need to obtain a travel insurance?

Since the Quebec health insurance plan does not fully cover the medical expenses outside of Quebec, Frenzy Tours strongly recommends to all its customers to purchase, at the very least, medical travel insurance. We offer a medical travel insurance and/or cancellation with Blue Cross. You can purchase it at the office, by telephone or click on Blue Cross insurance.

5. What is the purpose of the registration form?

The registration form explains the terms and conditions of the trip and may be used by the accompanying guide in case of an emergency. The registration form must be fully filled out and signed by each and every person, and handed to the accompanying guide upon boarding the bus.

6. How much time before departure must I present myself at the bus pick-up location?

Always present yourself at least 15 minutes before your departure. To know the exact address of the pick-up location please consult the ‘contact us’ page on our website.

7. What happens if I arrive late at the bus pick-up location?

You will have to join the group by your own means and at your own expense.

8. Is there parking available at the bus pick-up location?

For passengers departing from Montreal, indoor parking is available at Place Alexis Nihon, situated directly across the bus pick-up location. For prices and more information on the indoor parking lot, please visit Plaza Alexis Nihon or contact us.

For passengers departing from Laval, outdoor parking is available at Centropolis, in front of La Cordée at no additional cost. Please note that you are parking at your own risk. Frenzy Tours, Centropolis and La Cordée are not responsible for any loss, damage or incidental costs that may occur while your car is parked for the duration of the tour.

9. How are the seats assigned on the bus?

You may choose any seat you wish at the time of boarding the bus and will have to keep it throughout the remainder of the trip.  Since the bus departs from Laval first, the passengers embarking at this location will have priority when selecting the seats in the bus.

10. Is there always a stop at the Duty-Free shop?

There will be a stop at the Duty Free Shop on all trips that consist of 3 days or more  (with exception of packages that include a holiday weekend). The stop is scheduled only when crossing the border in to the United States, not on our return back to Canada.

11. For Canadian citizens, what are the required documents to enter the United States?

Canadian citizens must present one of the following valid documents to enter the United States by land:

  • A passport
  • A NEXUS card
  • A card from the program Fast and Secure Trade (FAST)
  • A protected certificate of Indian status

For Canadian citizens 15 years and under, proof of Canadian citizenship, such as the original or a photocopy of a birth certificate, or the original of a citizenship card will suffice. You may also refer to the Canadian Border Services Agency website for more information.


Here are the current requirements to enter the United States:
- Passport
- VISA or ESTA for non-canadian passengers only (must be completed at least 72 hours before departure)

Here are current requirements to return to Canada:
- Passport
- ArriveCan (optional to complete)

12. For non-Canadian citizens, what are the required documents to enter the United States?

The United States does not have the same entry requirements for every country of provenance, therefore it is recommended to contact the United States Customs and Border Protection by telephone (703.526.4200 or 1.877.227.5511) or on line at U.S Customs and Border Protectionl for more information.

13. What do I need to know for any passenger that is under 18 years old?

Any passenger under 18 years old cannot travel abroad without the presence of at least one adult. It should be noted that only an adult is entitled to make a reservation for a package. As stated by Foreign Affairs Canada, Frenzy Tours strongly recommends that children travelling abroad need to carry a consent letter proving they have permission to travel from every person with the legal right to make major decisions on their behalf, if that person is not accompanying the children on the trip.  For example, children travelling alone, with groups or with only one custodial parent should travel with a consent letter. The purpose of a consent letter is to facilitate the travel of Canadian children while preventing their wrongful removal to foreign countries.  For more information please consult the Foreign Affairs Canada website: http://www.voyage.gc.ca/preparation_information/consent-letter_lettre-consentement-eng

14. What is the required age to take part on a Frenzy Tours trip?

5 years.

15. What are the requirements to benefit from a price reduction on a package?

It is necessary to be between 5 and 16 years old. There is only one reduction of this type for a passenger between 5 and 16 years accompanied by one adult.

16. Can the planned itinerary change without prior notice?

Since the packages are prepared months in advance, Frenzy Tours reserves the right to make changes to the itinerary, the hotel or the prices without prior notice. The order of the visits and activities may also change during the tour, however the basic program will be respected. As well, the weather, road conditions or border crossings may influence the course of the trip.

17. Once arrived at destination, am I obliged to follow the group?

You are never obliged to follow the group, however if you wish to leave the group please inform the accompanying guide of your intentions. We also ask that everyone return to the hotel with the group the first night in order to check-in and place your luggage in your respective rooms.

18. What is the New York with ‘Free Time’ option?

This option is designed for those who want to visit New York without the sightseeing tours and cruises. You are free to explore the city and shop at your own pace. When choosing the ‘Free Time’ option, you will benefit from a $30 reduction on your New York package.  Therefore, this option includes the same features as any other New York package except for the following items:

  • Orientation bus tour of New York City with a bilingual tour guide (4 hours)
  • Orientation walking tour of Times Square and 5th Avenue (90 min)
  • Cruise to admire the Statue of Liberty from up close (75 minutes)

* This option is not available with the New York ‘Shopping’ package.

19. How do I go about seeing a Broadway show?

The 2 options available are:

  • You can buy your tickets on the internet before leaving Montreal Or
  • Present yourself in person at the TKTS booth in Times Square starting at 3 pm to purchase tickets to a show at a reduced price (please note that the wait can be long during weekends).

For a list of upcoming Broadway shows you may visit: newyorkcitytheatre.com

20. If the hotel is not located in Manhattan, is it possible to stay in the city later than the rest of the group?

Yes you can (absolutely), however you will have to return to the hotel by your own means and at your own expense. If your hotel is located in one of New York’s boroughs (districts), you may get to the hotel by subway or take a taxi/uber. If your hotel is located in New Jersey, you may return by taxi/uber or take the city bus from Port Authority Bus Terminal near Times Square. Commute times range anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes and the cost is $5.50 US.  Your accompanying guide will distribute a schedule for public transportation.

21. What is my spending limit in the United States?

After an absence of 48 hours or more from Canada: The personal exemption is 800$ CAN per person (including certain tobacco products and alcoholic beverages). The purchased goods must be in your possession on the time of arrival in Canada. Depending on the minimum age established by the province or the territory you are entering in Canada, you should include the following limited quantities of alcoholic beverages and  tobacco products in your personal exemption: 1.5 liter (53 imperial ounces) of wine OR 1.14 liter (40 ounces) of spirits OR a total of 1.14 liter (40 ounces) of wine and spirits OR 24 bottles or cans of 355 ml. (12 ounces) of beer or ale (maximum of 8.5 liters) as well as 200 cigarettes OR 50 cigars or cigarillos OR 200 grams (7 ounces) of manufactured tobacco OR 200 sticks of tobacco.

22. What is your reimbursement policy in case of cancellations?

If you wish to cancel your trip, you must contact us at the office or by telephone during working hours.  Here is our cancellation policy:

  • 45 days prior to departure: We will reimburse your trip in full.
  • Between 44 and 21 days prior to departure: A fee of $100 per person will be charged.
  • Less than 20 days prior to departure: You will not be entitled to any reimbursement except from travel insurance if it was purchased. However, you may replace any person on the reservation by advising Frenzy Tours at least 48 hours before departure with the name and birth date of the new passenger.

23. What are the purchase conditions of a Frenzy Tours gift card?

A gift card can only be used to make a new reservation with Frenzy Tours and cannot be applied to a reservation that has already been finalized. A Frenzy Tours gift card does not expire. A gift card can neither be refunded, completely or in part, nor can it be compensated in the event of loss. If a gift card is not entirely used, the amount remaining could be used for another package.

A gift card can neither be refunded, completely or in part, nor can it be compensated in the event of loss. If a gift card is not entirely used, the amount remaining could be used for another package.