Survive New York’s Heat Waves

Stay cool during your trip to New York

Even though we love the summertime heat, it can sometimes be a little much! However, it doesn’t mean you need to stop enjoying the great city of New York because of it. There are many ways to keep the fun going even during the hottest days of the year. You can stop by one of the many ice cream shops and get yourself a tasty refreshment that you can enjoy in Central Park or simply walking around the busy streets of the city! You could also spend the day at the beach or even by the swimming pool. You can also take advantage of the A/C at the many museums, aquariums and movie theaters. You could even go see a Broadway show. Come lunch time, stop at one of the indoor food halls where you will definitely not be missing options! If after all these stops you still need a break from the heat, a few hours at the year round skating rings should be just what you need! If all else fails, then don’t hesitate to cool off in one of many Manhattan water fountains!

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