Bryant Park, a must see park in New York!

This historic park located in the heart of Manhattan is about two miles from Central Park, it covers an area of 3.69 hectares and welcomes more than 12 million people a year.

Bryant Park is a public park supported financially by private donors it has generated and is managed by private companies. Private donors also subsidized the park's luxurious public restrooms at a cost of $300,000; where you will be welcomed by the hosts to a background of classical music and freshly cut flowers.

In 1984, it was renamed in honor of poet, novelist & journalist William Cullen Bryant. Before bearing this name, it was called Reservoir Park in reference to the City's water reservoir which held over 20 million gallons of water. Currently, the New York Library is located there, built between 1897 and 1912. Its first known name, the Potter's field, was used at that time as a cemetery for the less fortunate.

It is said that Bryant Park was the first park in 2001 to give free access to WI-FI.

The park offers a multitude of activities. In the summer you can play chess, backgammon, table tennis and even bocce! As well as various outdoor activities, such as yoga, Tai Chi, fencing, dance, etc. In the evenings in July and August, the Bryant Park Film Festival revisits the repertoire of old films and of course is free of charge. In the winter, an immense ice rink is build and offers skate rentals free of charge. There is even a famous holiday market that brings together vendors from all over the world.

Suggestion from Frenzy Tours: Take advantage of this magnificent green space in the heart of New York to admire the skyscrapers while sitting at one of the many tables available in the park and enjoying a delicious picnic. Across the street (facing the park) you will find  *Whole Foods Market* where you can buy smoothies, hot meals, sushi, pizzas, salads, sandwiches, etc.

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