Top 5 winter activities in Central Park, New York!

By yours truly, Frenzy.

Strap your boots and zip your coat up because New York’s Central Park has a bunch of activities to offer this winter! Here are Frenzy’s top 5:

  1. A top favorite for visitors, Central Park’s zoo is managed by the Wildlife Conservation Society and it is open year-round. Its residents include… drum roll please… sea lions, penguins, seals, and snow leopards!
  2. Yes, there are like a thousand options of skating rinks in New York, but the ones in Central Park are not only free but are also surrounded by the most beautiful skyline of trees in New York!
  3. Ah, the famous Carousel… you’ve seen the pictures but have you actually ever been on it? Well maybe this winter will be the perfect occasion! With snowflakes falling on your tongue as you ride away on one of the 57 vintage horses...what's not to like?
  4. Grab your sled by two hands and slide down two of the most popular slopes in Central Park: Pilgrim Hill and Cedar Hill! (Who said it was just for kids?)
  5. You’re outdoorsy? You wouldn’t mind a breath of fresh air while you're in the city? Why not go cross country skiing or snowshoeing!

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