Four attractions in NYC who are not the Empire State Building

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So. You really like New York but you’ve already seen all the main touristy attractions so you don’t see the point in going back. Fair enough.

What if I found you four alternatives things to do in New York other than the Empire State Building…Interested?

Two words: Gulliver’s Gate. This Times Square attraction is mesmerizing enough for you to spend an entire afternoon looking at tiny replicas of the world’s famous Jerusalem, Buenos Aires Arc de Triomphe and many more.  Plus, there Is a running train and teeny-tiny people to make you feel like a real giant!

If you’re in the Financial District, how about you take the time to check out the Woolworth Building? Opened in 1913, this historic building in one of New York City’s tallest building, and the lobby’s stunning glass and marble interiors is a must-see.

You ever dreamed about becoming a Spy? Well this part museum, part spy training ground will make your dreams come true (sort of!)! Located in Midtown West, the SpySpace offers you the opportunity to feel like a special agent by sneaking through a hallway of laser beams and even undergo a lie detector test! Hope you still got your James Bond impersonation! We sure do, "the name is Tours, Frenzy Tours.’’

In Astoria, there is this splendid park called the Socrates Sculpture Park who is designed specifically for artists who like to create outdoor works. Opened 365 days a year, the park also offers a Greenmarket, free yoga classes and outdoor movie screenings! There’s much more but we’ll let you discover it on your own!

Alright, did I spark your interest or what? You can book a trip with us to New York right way by clicking on the link right here to go check out these low-key attractions!

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