Gingerbread, Gingerbread, Gigerbread lane!

The biggest gingerbread village in the world is in New York!

Did you ever imagine yourself walking down a Gingerbread lane? Perhaps in one of your wildest dream?  Well I think you might have shared the same fantasy with American chef, Jon Lovitch...

This self-taught Gingerbread-master hold the record for the largest homemade and handmaid Gingerbread village! The annual exhibit takes an entire year to create and Lovitch takes it upon himself to do the drafts and the designs, to bake it, build it and decorate it right in time for the holidays! This 100% edible treat has grown from 12 houses in 1994 to a total of 138 houses this year - yeah, no biggie-  and will be displayed out in the open of New York’s Hall of Science to allow everyone the joy of smelling the delicious sweetness of ginger and bread until January, 29, 2019!

If you’re in New York this weekend, take the time to go check out this wholesome winter wonderland! If not, you can book a trip with us right away by clicking on this link

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