Choo Choo down childhood memory lane!

I know what you’re thinking and no, it’s not just for kids.

No matter how old you are this show is for everyone and the little twist at the end of the article will convince you even more!

The Holiday Train Show at New York’s Botanical Garden in the Bronx, features miniature railroads and trains and 150 landmark replicas made with real plant materials! I’m talking about monuments such as The Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge made with bark and leaves! I know! Crazy…

It’s a very family-friendly activity but hey! If you’re 21-years-old and over, on selected days, the show hosts after-hours bar car nights where you can adventure yourself around the garden while getting your drink-on! Get cozy next to the fire pit, watch an ice-sculptor do its magic and sing along to your favorite tunes… lovely!

The train show is open until January 21th 2019, so time to take the express train down your childhood memory lane!

If you’re in New York already make sure to stop by! All in the information can be found on the link right here

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