Happy Valentine's and Galentine's day!

In need of bit of inspiration... Check out how New Yorkers celebrate this day of love and appreciation!

To all my Valentine’s Day lovers and my Galantine’s day lovers out there, happy February 14th!

It’s a wonderful day today, and I’m assuming that most of you have already your day and evening planned for a long time now... but for those who are still trying to scramble last minute activities and need a bit of inspiration, I researched how New Yorkers are spending this beautiful day amongst loved ones!

So check it out, this might be the kick start that you needed!

A romantic cruise on the Hudson River! Accompanied with a gourmet dinner, live jazz and drinks, taking a cruise on Valentine’s Day is by far the most romantic thing to do!

Bring your bestie to go see a sky full of star in the Hayden Planetarium! The American Museum of Natural History host an event called ‘’Romance Under the Stars’’ every year to celebrate Valentine’s day and it’s as unique as it sounds!

Take a walk through Central Park! Holding hands are not; this free activity is marvelous all year round, but during Valentine’s Day, walking by the Bow Bridge is even more magical, trust me!

After a good fulfilling meal at a fancy-pants restaurant (come on, treat yourself!), head on to one of New York’s top ice skating rink to finish the night! Simple, but classy!

This one is a little bit more expensive, but hey! It’s the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion like this one! The time you’ll have on a helicopter ride around New York will be amazing and unforgettable! If you’re really trying to wow that special someone, this is it right here!

Last but not least, the iconic Empire State Building… It might be a bit too cliché to your taste, but let’s face it ‘’ Valentine’s Day’’ IS cliché! So get over it, and spend some quality time at the top of this skyscraper overlooking the rest of the city! The view is mesmerizing, and maybe you’ll get the chance to renew your vows! Every year, 14 lucky couples will be chosen as part of the Valentine’s Day Wedding contest! Think about it… maybe for next year!

That’s about all I could think of folks, but this should have helped you brainstorm a little! You got this but hurry up! The day goes by quickly and next thing you know, we’re the 15th

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