The Orchid show in New York is back to blossom!

Probably the best way to remedy your winter blues!

What better way to pay homage to springtime then by putting on an Orchid Show!

Starting Feb. 23rd until April 28th, the New York Botanical Garden will exhibit thousands of beautiful blossoming orchids from plenty of different species! In partnership with the Gardens by the Bay and Singapore Botanic Garden, the bloom fest features supertrees and colorful orchids in shapes and size you can’t even fathom!

Oh and let’s not forget the cherry on top! Orchid Evenings will also take place every now and then, to give the chance to visitors to enjoy the attraction after dark and to savor an arrangements of lights spread all over the garden! Yes snacks and alcoholic beverages can be purchase, and live entertainment is promised!

We know that winter season can take a toll on your spirit, but I promise that this event will help you recover from the blues! Think about all the tropical scents and sights you’ll be engulfed in!

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