Philadelphia is hosting the 2019 Florists Transworld Delivery World Cup!!

A floral competition and butterflies! What better?

One of Philadelphia’s biggest events of the year is making a comeback this weekend and there is a special feature this time!

The 2019 Florists' Transworld Delivery (FTD) World Cup is taking place in Philadelphia from March1-3 at the city’s annual Flower Show!  For the first time in the United-States in 30 years, floral designers from 23 countries will attend this prestigious floral design competition where the winner will be named Interflora World Cup champion!

Over the weekend these incredibly talented designers will produce breathtaking, larger-than-life floral creations that will be on display throughout the week!

While you’re there you’ll get the chance to witness the preliminary rounds, colorful hand-tied bouquet challenges and floral table settings!

Also! Make sure to keep an eye out for butterflies flying amongst the plants! There are more than 1000 butterflies from 20 different species… Come to think of it, they’ll be pretty hard miss!

Anyways, with the floral competitions, the butterflies, the workshops, the floating ceiling garden and the countless flower arrangements,  this event will most definitely  make you feel like you’re in a princess movie!

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