Our first trip of 2019 is right around the corner and we're ready to greet you!

A little free time in New York? No problem!

Alas, the time has come! The wait was long enough, but finally, our first tour of 2019 is this weekend and we are overly excited here at Frenzy!

We have been meticulously planning these trips to New York so that our guests are ensured with the best time possible! Between a walking tour of the city’s majestic landscape and a cruise taking you up close and personal with the statue of liberty, your time in New York will be pretty jam-packed!

But during these free time bits you’ll have here and there over your weekend in the big apple, you might wonder what kind of fun activities you can do to make the time go by! Well, I’m glad you asked because I have put together 4 activities you can consider for your free time and trust me, it’ll be hard to choose!

1. The Orchid Show at The New York Botanical Garden is much more than just marvelling at pretty flowers. You can hop on an Orchid Insiders tours or even an Orchid Care Demonstrations! Plus on some fancy nights, the show is offered with some sophisticated cocktails and live music! For my people out there who love the finer things in life, you’ll really enjoy this one!

2. If you are a fan of street art in Montreal than you will love the street art in New York! The Big Apple is home to some of the finest artwork in the game and Bushwick in Brooklyn is where it’s at!

3. Central Park. You cannot leave New York this weekend without spending some quality time in Central Park. Granted, this attraction is part of the bus tours we offer but if it’s really pretty outside you should definitely consider spending a few extra hours strolling through this immense Garden of Eden! You won’t be disappointed!

4. Last but not least, two words; Andy Warhol. There is an exhibit at the Whitney Museum of American Art show casing the works of  the renown American Artist! You know that famous Campbell’s Soup Can piece? Yeah it’s there!

That’s all for now! But hey you have a plenitude of options to pick from and if you haven’t reserved a spot on our trip yet make sure you do ASAP by clicking on the link below! https://www.frenzytours.com/1-trips/new-york.html

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