Hudson Yards: A 26 billion-dollar project!

It's everything you could imagine and more!

The Hudson Yard… what a fancy name for a fancy place am I right? Oh, you have no clue what I’m referring too? Fair, you were probably too busy planning your weekend of St-Patrick celebration to notice that last Friday; the West Side of Manhattan opened a brand new SHOPPING MALL!!

Alright, yes! I ALSO jumped out of my seat when learning the news! We’re not JUST talking about a simple shopping mall here no no no no… We’re talking about a 26 billion-dollar project that is also the largest private real estate development in the United States! It include residences, 14 acres of public open space, a public school and a fancy pantsy hotel!

Located above the Metropolitan Transportations Authority Rail Yards, the shopping mall includes all the nicest shops in the world and a couple of offices!  But wait up now, you haven’t heard the best thing yet, this real estate development also inaugurated the ‘’Shed’’, a city-sponsored arts center and the ‘’Vessel’’, a  150-foot-high climbable by step structure!! Hiiiiiii!!

So here is what I suggest:  this weekend while you’re in New York,  after you’re done participating in our walking tour take the rest of the day to go visit this luxurious urban development  and grab a bite in one of the restaurants of the famous chef, Thomas Keller at the dining complex!

And if you’re reading this and you still haven’t booked your reservation for this weekend, well sir and madam, what are you waiting for?! For more information on how to reserve click on the link below

Oh and don’t forget your faux-fur coat and your Louboutin!

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