Our New bus!

I just want to say that 2019 is kind of our year here at Frenzy. First we had Wi-Fi introduced to all of our buses with access to it all over Canada - Woop! Woop!

I have the pleasure to present you our new bus! Did you take a good look? Did you really take-in and admire all the fine details in the wrapping? The glossiness of our windows? Our powerful, yet sophisticated logo? I’m just going to say what you are thinking ‘’They look like straight fire’’! Here at Frenzy we always make sure to accommodate our guests with the finest and greatest selection on the market! We want to make sure you are travelling in the most comfortable way so you can focus on enjoying your trip with us!

Click here to reserve a spot on this elegant bus to wherever destination that may please you!


Hint hint: We still have a few places on our trip to New York this weekend!

A special thank you to Keolis Canada :)

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