Journey to Paradisios: Operation Inspiration

It's blossom season and we couldn't be happier!

Fair. Fair. It’s true. I do love a good blog about a flower event… But I can’t help it! It’s literally the season for blossoming! Everywhere I look:  flower show, flower show, flower competition!

So here I go again with another flower-related blog but I promise that just like the others, this one will amaze you once more!

Macy’s Flower Show ‘’Journey to Paradisios: Operation Inspiration’’ is finally here at Macy’s Herald Square in New York and it will be running until April 7th!

This cosmic theme show will take you on a journey across your wildest dreams of intense blossoming, beautiful luscious plants and a flora beyond what you can imagine!

Pushing flowers beyond outer space, Macy’s really pulled out the big guns this year!

So if you are in New York this weekend with us (Lucky you) pick a partner and lose yourself in this garden of sweet-smelling-springtime vegetation!

And if you are not heading to New York with us YET*! Well you’re in luck, because we still have a few spots left on our last special march trip to New York!

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