Bonnet Parade. Easter Weekend. New York City!

The picture says it all!

If you’re in New York during Easter Weekend you’ll want to keep reading…

Ever heard of the Bonnet Parade? I know, same here.

Taking place during Easter weekend is New York’s best tradition yet! On Easter Sunday head onto Fifth Avenue to participate in this odd and yet hilarious festival where participants wander the streets of New York dressed in inventive and weird costume that can feature loads and loads of flowers as much as rabbits and pet snakes! (Whuuut!?!?)

The bonnets are what are important here. People get crazy adventurous with their looks and you’ll end up face to face with hats made out of frames, carrots, bird cages, eggs, feathers and even bubble gum! Coming in all sizes, it is an art show worth your time!

The parade just gets better and better every year with more extravaganzas every time!

So, if you’re in New York with us that weekend, good for you! Make sure you stop by the parade between 10h am and 4h pm on the 21rst of March!

If you haven’t reserved your spot yet, well you know what to do… CLICK ON THE LINK!!

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