The Holi Festival!

Can't make it to India this weekend? Well, New York will do it!

For the 5th year in the row, Holi In The City will be taking place this weekend in NYC! This Saturday join the Festival of Colors, one of the most cheerful day parties you’ll find this time around, at Stage48! This Indian festival takes place every year all around the world to celebrate happiness, love and freedom and participants get to throw paint at each other to prove it! (hihi)

Make sure you come wearing white so that you come out of this experience wearing all the brightest colors you can think of! (Picasso, much?)

And remember, the bigger the better, so bring your friends and family and have one heck of a dance party with colorful powders hitting you from all angles!

Musical performances, food and drinks! I mean come on, this event will rock!

Apparently tickets for the festival just like seats on our bus to NYC this weekend, are selling like crazy, so get yours now!

You can click  here to check out what kind of adventure we are offering this weekend in New York and don’t forget your white tee and sunglasses!

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