Need a little getaway? New York is waiting for you!

Do you know that we have departures for New York every Friday?

Hello, hello and good day to all!

Did y’all know that we have departures to New York every Friday this year? Yes, that’s right! In fact, we have one bus leaving this very Friday and it’s always a joyful time I’ll tell you that!

Between the options of staying directly in the heart of the city with a hotel in Manhattan or in New Jersey if you’d rather a bit of peace and quiet at the end of the night, our trips are so packed with fun and educational tours that you won’t see Monday coming around!

Starting with a walking tour of Time Square and 5th avenue on Friday, you’ll also embark on a city wide bus tour the following day topped off with a cruise to admire up close the statue of liberty!

But don’t worry! We know some of y’all are better off alone and would much rather visit New York solo than with the group and that’s fine! So for a discount of 30$ you get to go rogue and do whatever you like in the city! We even organize shuttle for those who are staying in New Jersey! (You’re welcome...! )

Need ideas of what to in New York this weekend? Alright well first of all there’s the Frieze New York Fair at Randall’s Island Park displaying imaginative art projects from 200 international galleries!

Or if you’re not really an art person, there’s the TD Five Boro Bike Tour happening on Sunday! Cyclists have the whole day to visit the city by bike without having to pay attention to cars monopolizing the streets!

So you get my point! Don’t wait too long reserve your sweet escapade right now by clicking on the here!

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