Beans? Solar? Champs?

How well do you know the city of Boston?

Quick Quiz time: What is the city of Boston’s nickname?

a) The HUB

b) The City of Champions

c) Beantown

d) All of the above

YES! It is all the above!

“Ehhummm Beantown...???”

Let me explain, this nickname actually refers to regional dish of Boston’s baked beans!! Mhmmiam! Back in the day (Colonial days we’re talking) people from Boston used to ravish on beans baked with molasses and that’s how sailors came to call the city “Beantown”!

Now the nickname “The Hub” comes from a phrase recorded by writer Olivier Wendell Holmes who called the city the "The Hub of the Solar System”. Mr. Holmes was actually referring to the Massachusetts State House and its golden dome that he deemed was the heart of the solar system! It’s kind of cute, no?

Last but not least, Boston is well known for their dominance in professional sports… Red Sox, anyone? Patriots, anyone? I’m not into sports and even I know these names! That is how intensively this city has been crushing it at Baseball and Football for the past years!  I guess they deserve it!

So here are my last words of wisdom: next time you’re in Beantown stop by Durgin - Park restaurant for a good crafted beer and a yummy pot  of Boston baked beans! Then, to digest a little, go visit the Massachuset State House and take a quick selfie with the Hub of the Solar system in the back (Please tag us! We’d love to see your smile!) And then, to wrap things up, before leaving the City of Champions stop by the Red Sox Team Store to snap up  a bright red colored pair of… RED SOCKS!

And you know what… why not do that next weekend? What else are you going to do? It’s a long weekend and we still have a couple of seats left on our trip to Boston for three days and two nights! Come on y’all, you don’t want to be a blitz!

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