Governors Island; TBD (To be discovered!)

For a sunny day in NYC!

Since Mother Nature loves to play games with us lately, I can’t guarantee good weather this weekend in NYC. However, if indeed, you catch a glimpse of sunshine in the sky above, I recommend you hop on a ferry to Governors Island!

See, when listing things to do in New York, heading for one of its many islands is not the priority when you have the Empire State building and the Statue of Liberty to go see.

But if you are due for a little escapade away from the urban city I strongly suggest you head over to the Governors Island to enjoy a change of scenery! With parks, concert venues, adult playground and outdoor art space, discovering this small land is quite an adventure and will keep you busy for a whole afternoon!

So how do you get there exactly?

Well folks, for 3$ US, you can hop on a cruise to the island from Manhattan’s South Street Seaport or from Brooklyn’s Pier 6 on weekends. Plus, apparently this year a new ferry is joining the fleet and it can take up to 400 passengers! Woosh!

Once on the island you’ll face a man-made outdoor park situated on the island’s Hills which rises 70 feet above sea level! Yes, the view is amazing! There’s also a 300-foot-long zip line you can enjoy, a 3,600-foot maze, a rock-climbing wall and a mini golf court! Bike your way from one attraction to the other or opt for a nice walk, but taking the car is not an option!

Anyways, this island is opened until October 31, so no rush to get there if the weather is not playing nice this weekend. I think you ought to save this activity for a sunny day!

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