Our football packages are finally here!

Jets? Bills? Raiders?Patriots?

LADIES AND GENTLEMENT! This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for... You asked, we listened and it is finally here... OUR FOOTBALL PACKAGES HAVE ARRIVED!

You didn’t actually think we would leave you hanging like that, now did you?!

Here at Frenzy, we’ve been one busy beehive working nonstop to make the most supreme Football Packages of all time!

Oh yes we thought of everything.  Take a look:

  1. Round trip bus transportation with movies and contest draws so there isn’t an instant of boredom during the drive.
  2. A bilingual guide from Frenzy Tours with his assistants BBQ’ers.
  3. A superior hotel WITH breakfast for a night of ultimate serenity.
  4. Of course, THE TICKET TO THE GAME!!!
  5. A “SUPER TAILGATE PARTY’’ just like you see in the movies, with hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken wings, shrimps and SOOOO much more grilling on our 60 inch BBQ.
  6. Snacks and refreshments to keep you alive and well during the trip!

No hidden fee and all transfers, taxes and OPC funds included in the price!

So? What do you think? Did we pull our weight or what? Did we not just serve you your next gift to your loved one/ best friend on a golden platter? I think we did, and you are now welcomed to click right HERE to check out which football trip aligns best with your body and soul!

You’re welcome! ;)

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