The old and the new capital !

Why not try something new for once?

Sure, New York has the Statue of Liberty, Broadway, Time Square and a cute nickname but how about I introduce you to something new... Cities that are full of life and yet, are left to struggle in the shadows of the Big Apple.... Washington and Philadelphia; time to face the sun!

In about a month, Frenzy will be leaving for a four day trip combining the visit of both the old and the new capital, and we would love to have you join us!

On this lovely escapade, immerse yourself in the rich history of these cities while visiting the National Mall of Washington, the Liberty Bell of Philadelphia, Capitol Hill and so much more with our bilingual tour guides!

Plus, this trip falls right during the same time as some other exciting events! For instances, from June 29th to July 4th, Philadelphia is hosting their epic Wawa Welcome America festival with fireworks and concerts in honour of Independence Day!

Meanwhile in Washington, the Smithsonian Folklife festival starts on June 29 to June 30th, and it is a FREE international cultural event spotlighting various nations and communities! There’s live music, cooking demos and it goes on!

Breakfast is included, refreshments and snacks are offered on the bus, and taxes as well as extra fees are already calculated in the final price! Isn’t that great!

So you get where I’m going with this? Click right here to reserve your spot and to learn more about this exciting trip!

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