Summer on the Hudson...?

How about that for a change?

Summer on the Hudson River… how about that?

There are no better ways to experience NYC’s summer than by taking a close look at what this Parks Department festival is up to…  According to a little birdie, they’re talking free concerts, dance performances, wellness activities and movies all week, every week until December! Taking place all along the Riverside Park filled with greenery and fresh breezes here is my little guide for this weekend!

Starting this Friday June 14th at 6h30 p.m., join the world-renowned Limón Company Dancers on the Piers of West Harlem for a night of fun and energetic Limón dance tutorial! After that -once you’re done sweating out all those toxins- reach Hudson River Park’s Pier 45 to watch the sunset while enjoying live music! Beautiful way to end the night I’ll tell you that much!

Now on Saturday,  grab a quick and healthy breakfast, put your sports gear on and join Shape Up, NYC’s fun dance fitness classes on the piers in West Harlem for 11h a.m. sharp! Great way to start the morning by getting your blood flowing!

Take the rest of the afternoon to cool off and roam around NYC because at 5h p.m. at the General Grant National Memorial in Riverside Park, there will be two performances featuring multi-generational company celebrating dance moves from the twentieth century! Do a little bit of this and that, and at around 7h p.m., join the Riverside Clay Tennis Association in Riverside Park for a free concert! Bring your picnic, coolers, a few blankets and get ready for some good vibes!

Want to hear the best part? These free concerts are happening all summer! So if you’re not in New York this weekend, no problem! You can just hop on our next bus to the Big Apple by clicking right here!

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