New York's Mermaid Parade!

Glitter up!

Oh my… This is something you’re going to like.

Make sure you hit the dollar store before this weekend and stock up on glitter because The Coney Island Mermaid Parade is making its grand return!!

Perhaps one of the best Brooklyn attraction in history, flock your way to Surf Avenue this Saturday at 1h pm where more than 1000 of spectators will be welcoming a colorful parade of sea creatures led by King Neptune and Queen Mermaid! Yes you read this correctly.

It’s not everywhere that you’ll find such an event, but listen, with New York, always expect the unexpected!

So for this event, you will need a few pair of colorful swimsuits, TONS of glitter, sunglasses and feel free to add on a pair of swimming fins or nautical attire to make it more fun!

How fun is that right? Oh and New York’s SummerStage is still happening so once you’re done with the parade you should definitely head over to Central Park for a night of live music from to 2:00 PM  to  7:00 PM !

In conclusion, New York will never cease to surprise me! With their funky and fun activities happening all year long, I can’t wait to see what’s next this summer!

You are too? Well mate, hop on with us! To New York we shall travel! Click here!

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