Happy pride month!

Here's how the Big Apple is celebrating!

This weekend it’s all about LGBT Pride in NYC and if you are looking to show some support while having some fun, here are two family-friendly activities you can enjoy during you’re stay in the Big Apple!

On June 30th, the annual Pride march will take place in downtown NYC and it is the perfect opportunity to show up with your most extravagant outfit!! Get ready to witness some out-of-this-world floats and spontaneous dance parties at every intersection!

Plus, this year's march commemorates the 50th anniversary of Stonewall and celebrates the progress in LGBTQ+ rights made since then so you know they prepared one heck of a celebration!
So, RDV at noon this Sunday at Madison Square Park with a good pair of shoes on, a bottle of water and some sunscreen!

Oh and when you think that was it! If you are looking for a little night-activity while in NYC I have a suggestion; Fireworks! You can absolutely never go wrong with a good firework show so on Friday, June 28 at 9:30 pm take a trip to Coney Island Beach for a spectacular firework show! Or, if you already have plans that night, check out the show on Sunday following the pride march! At 9:30 pm sharp make sure you arrive early at Hudson River pier 97 because the sky is going to explode in colors!

In any case, this is just what happening THIS weekend, but if you are an avid follower of our travel blog, you must know by now that every weekend in NYC is always as entertaining then the next one so I welcome you to click right here to check out our next departure to the big apple!

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