Frenzy’s top 5 Broadway show this summer!

Hamilton, Mean Girls, Lion King and more!

You can absolutely not leave the city of New York without seeing at LEAST one Broadway show. It’s a like a rite of passage.

However, I know it can be kind of overwhelming choosing the right one … they are ALL so interesting!

Well, don’t worry. I’ve been in your position and here is something that might help!

Here is Frenzy’s top 5 Broadway show this summer!

1. Tina Fey’s cult movie Mean Girls has been adapted into a new musical! Join the 'Plastics' and reminisce on your high school days of social struggle and revelries at the August Wilson Theatre. If you go on Wednesday, remember to wear pink!

2. The Prom is a heartfelt original musical comedy about a small-town high school that falls under shame when a lesbian student is forbidden from bringing a female date to prom. In this day and age, you can imagine the uproar! Despite the delicate subject, the show finishes on a light note and might make you laugh here and there! You have until August 11 to go see it!

3. The Lion King… The Disney movie that made us all cry and laugh at the same time got a musical adaptation on Broadway and I personally couldn’t be happier! Follow the rhythm of African music, marvel at the elegant costume design and prepare yourself for a 2 hour and half of hardcore nostalgia! Hakuna Matata!

4. For Harry Potter fan, this one is a must! Right on Broadway, visit the inner walls of Hogwarts and all its theatrical magic by following the epic journey of Jack Thorne in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! Loads of shenanigans guaranteed.

5. We’ve all heard of Lin-Manuel Miranda and his play ‘’Hamilton’’!  We’re talking about a groundbreaking masterpiece filled with hip-hop and musical story-telling of the Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. Open your eyes and ears to the captivating history of America!

Now... how do you get to Broadway...  Well, we specialize in trips to the Big Apple so click here to discover all our upcoming escapades!

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