The best unusual visits in New York!

Far from the generic type!

A lot of you folks have been to NYC in the past and wonder why you would ever go back.

'Isn’t the city kind of overrated anyways?'

You’ve went up the Empire State building and you’ve stroll through Central Park.. So what now?

New York is the hub for unusual point of interests. Take a look to your left and then to you right and you will find plenty of atypical attractions that are far from the generic type, trust me.

So, if you are in New York this weekend and you are looking to fill a day with visits away from touristy crowds, then I suggest you take a look at these unusual points of interests that the big apple has to offer!

The Cloisters

An underrated treasure part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Cloisters is perhaps one of the most majestic places in all of New York City! Located in Fort Tryon Park, this masterpiece was built back in 1917 to house extra medieval artifacts from the Met Museum. Now, it is New York’s top unusual activity, mainly for its colorfully authentic and vintage tapestry The Hunt of the Unicorn that dates back to the 16th-centurry. Plus it also has beautiful romantic courtyard filled with greenery to hang out in and take a breath!

The Morgan Library and Museum

So you’ve heard of New York's Public Library, but what about the Morgan Library and Museum? This library will strangely make you  think of the one in Beauty and the Beast thanks to its whimsical architecture and the magic vibes it releases. While you are there, be sure to ask to see the Guttenberg Bible and an original composition of Mozart that they have in reserve! The entrance fee is 20$ but on some special nights, there is free live jazz performances!

The Seaglass Carousel

In Battery Park, there is a sea glass carousel... Sorry, what? For just 5$ you can ride on one of its LED illuminated fish, that swings and turns all the way around the Nautilus shaped structure.   Oh and don’t forget to keep an eye for the gracious Lady of Liberty! Apparently you get a great view from there!

That’s it for me folks, I think I’ve made my point. Plus this is just a small portion of activities you can do. I recommend you check back here from time to time to discover new underrated activities New York has to offer.

Oh! And if you are looking for a little escaped this summer, click right here to read more on our various trips to the big apple. We have departures every weekend!

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