Grand Central Terminal

Here's a guide on how to really enjoy it!

Central Station is by far one of New York's most visited and acclaimed destinations. Housing a majestic architecture and an inspiring story, there is so much to visit it can be overwhelming!

So, here is Frenzy’s guide to properly explore this magnificent American jewel!

Main Concourse Ceiling

This massive zodiac-ceiling located in the Main Concourse features 12 constellations painted in gold leaf plus 2500 stars! (Bet you didn’t know that 59 of them are illuminated by LED lights!) Anyways, this zodiac was apparently painted backwards so that it could be interpreted and viewed from a divine perspective rather than… us! For all my lovers of astrology, good luck!

The Information Booth Clock

Of all the gems you could find in Grand Central, this one is by far the most known! This clock, standing just above the information booth, is a landmark for all New Yorkers who meet at Central Station! Also, did you know that this famous opal clock is worth up to $ 20 million!!

Whispering Gallery

Right next to the Grand Central Oyster Bar and Restaurant, this low ceramic arch creates and acoustical phenomenon that lets you talk to you friends across the wall!  Plus, like I already said, its located RIGHT next to the Grand Central Oyster Bar, so after you’re done whispering secrets to your friends on the down low head on to the restaurant for some good clam chowder!

Grand Central Market

This Market will serve you fresh products, gourmet ingredients and treats from 13 different local vendors! Come show your support while enjoying the look of this European-style food market!

There is so much more to see at the Grand Central, I think you’re better off just going there for real and wonder the hallways on your own! All you need now is a way to get there, lucky for you we organize trips to New York EVERY WEEKEND this year! Click right here to learn more on our sweet getaways to the big apple and to book your seat!


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