The Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival!

All the details for this weekend!

Starting tomorrow, Lincoln Center will be brining to New York’s parks free concerts, film screenings and stand-up comedy!

Don’t worry; we know there’s a lot going on so we decided to breakdown everything that’s happening this weekend so that you have a better idea of what might interest you!

Here we go!

1.This Friday, Hellen Gillet, a jazz-based cellist, singer, composer and improviser will be performing at Damrosch Park at 7:30 pm with Jeff Tweedy, a songwriter, composer and guitarist!

2.On that same night, at Lincoln Center’s plaza, there will be an installation light show performance created by Processional Arts Workshop! It starts at 9:30 pm but if you can’t make it, there will be another performance on Saturday!

3.La Casita will take place this Saturday at Hearts Plaza at 1pm. Various artists and activists will deliver powerful poetry, music and stories that will make your heart melt. If you end up liking it, I recommend stopping by again on Sunday at Teatro Pregones for another performance!

4. There will be a world-premiere Latin music performance on Saturday, 7 pm at Damrosh Park! Created by Adrian Quesada, Look at My Soul: The Latin Shade of Texas Soul, is a multi-generational collaboration between Latin artists from Texas! Emerge yourself in a rich mix of blues, Latin jazz, rock ‘n’ roll and traditional Mexican music!

5.The Center for Traditional Music and Dance will be delivering a free performance at Hearst Plaza this Sunday at 1 pm.  The show will feature diverse local artists like Staten Island's Sri Lankan Dance Academy of New York!

6.Las Caras Lindas de Mi Gente Negra presented by the Caribbean Cultural Center is an outdoors show that will focus on the legacy of African Influences on Puerto Rico’s musical history! There will be a wide range of performances and the first one starts at 7 pm this Sunday at Damrosh Park!

What did I say? You have a lot to consider this weekend but no matter what, you can never be bored in NYC ! We still have a couple of seats left on our 4 days and 3 nights trip to the big apple this weekend so if this blog suddenly made you feel wanderlust than click right here to reserve!

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