Top 5 things to do in Niagara Falls!

By yours truly, Frenzy Tours.

Niagara Falls, a geological wonder and one of the most famous waterfalls in the world! Lucky for you folks, we are specialized in tours to the Cataract city that’s why we went ahead and made you a list of the top 5 tourist attractions in Niagara Falls!

1.Unfortunately, swimming in Niagara Falls is not an option. However, if you are looking for something refreshing to do on a hot day like today, Fallsview Indoor Water Park could be a great alternative…

This attraction features water slides, a massive tipping bucket, a large wave pool and an outdoor activity pool that’s open all year-round! There’s even an area designated for preschoolers and Towels are supplied at no charge!

2.You cannot, and I repeat myself, CAN NOT, leave the premises of Niagara without doing the Hornblower Cruise. It’s a must! This boat will take their passengers to the base of the Falls so that they can fully experience the freshness and coolness of this natural wonder!

Oh! And they have departures every 15 minutes! Little advice; you will want to put the poncho provided at the start of the trip because you will be soaked from head to toe before you even realize it!

3.Ok fair, so you did the cruises already and the splashing was more than enough. Well, what about a journey behind the falls...? This attraction will give you a unique view of Niagara Falls from… yeah, the name says it all, behind the falls!! Go down this 150 feet elevator, walk through this 130 year old tunnel and suddenly you’ll be facing a gush of rushing water right at your feet! Need more excitement? Go down to the lower observation deck to grasp a good look at this majestic fall.

4. Even on a rainy day there are things to do in Niagara Falls. By ‘’thing’’, I mean the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory who is home to almost 2 000 butterfly! Flying freely across this tropical oasis, I should warn you that these little creatures will come from anywhere to everywhere and may even take a quick break on your shoulder before heading off again! Rest assured, it usually is a sign of good luck!

5. There’s nothing better than experiencing a city from up high and with Niagara’s Sky wheel you are taken as high as 175 feet above the ground! From this gondola, you have an incredible panoramic view of the Canadian and American Falls! It is a 10-minute course and each gondola is fully closed and air-conditioned!

All in all, there are tons of fun things to do in Niagara Falls! Whether it’s with the family, solo are in between lovers, this city is way more exciting than you think. Want to learn more on our sweet getaways? Click here to see what we have to offer on our next trip to Toronto, Niagara Falls and the Thousand Islands!

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