The Niagara Stage!

Come share some good vibes with your fellow neighbors!

One thing is for sure, everyone loves a good evening of outdoor music. Honestly, how can you not love live music under the stars, on a cool lawn by a beautiful summer's night?

Well, it's no surprise to learn that Niagara Parks share the same interest as they have been presenting on every Saturday since June 28 a series of concerts featuring a multitude of Canadian musical artists who have been recognized and listed by the Canadian Polaris Music Award! ! (* Glory of Joy *) This initiative aims to introduce the public to a variety of styles and genres of music from home, for free, at Queen Victoria Place!

And, well, this weekend, Saturday August 17 at 8h p.m., Toronto based music group 'Kobo Town', will be performing rhythms’ and rhymes rooted in Caribbean folk music!

So after you’re done with your Journey Behind the Falls or with your Hornblower Cruise, grab yourself something to eat and head on to Queen Victoria place to shake it out and sweat it out one last time before calling it a night!

And to top things up we have departures to Niagara Falls every weekend until the end of August, so if you can’t make it to this concert, you can just catch the next one!

Click here to learn more on our sweet and lovely escapade to Toronto, Niagara Falls and the Thousand Islands!

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