From a car show to the Farmers Market!

Here's what's happening this weekend in Niagara Falls!

If you are in Niagara Falls this weekend… lucky you. Once again, the city is outdoing itself by hosting tones of fun and family-friendly events for you to enjoy! (They really know how to take care of their people...!)

Here we go!

The Niagara Falls Downtown Car show is happening this Saturday and all my Car Enthusiast are going to lose their mind! This show will feature a wide range of automobile and vehicles of all ages, classes and types! Think of all the classics, cruisers and muscles cars that you’ve dreamed of seeing at least once in your lifetime... Exciting right! Over 100 beauties will be showcased between 10h00 a.m. and 5h00 p.m., don’t miss out!

O.k. So cars aren’t really your thing. Well, the 5th Annual Livestock Niagara Music & Arts Festival is taking place this weekend, so how about that?

This festival will take place in the Farmers Market and there will be live music playing as you do your shopping amongst local artisans and sellers! Fresh food is on the menu and there will be face painting available for the kids! So basically, all the ingredients to have a good time!

Sold? That’s the spirit! Click right here to reserve your spot! Our next bus leaves in 3 days!

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