Spend your last weekend of summer in Beantown!

It's a long weekend too!

Ah, the blues are kicking in as the end of summer approaches. One more week and most of us we’ll have to go back to our same-old routine… So let’s make these few days count shall we? I mean, we still have a long weekend coming up, right? What about a little escape between friends or family? You have the option between New York, Niagara Falls or Boston!

Yes folks, we have a departure for Beantown on Saturday August 31rst, and since it’s labor day weekend, you best believe that city has plenty of activities planned for us to enjoy!

First up, the Boston Jazz fest is taking place on Friday 30th and Saturday 31rst  and they are bringing some the most innovative and contemporary jazz artist from everywhere around the world! It’s free and it's the perfect occasion to dance and sing along to amazing artists!

Lawn on D is hosting a Labor Day Weekend-Long Party at the Convention Center in South Boston Waterfront and there will be live music, djs, lawn games, snacks and drinks!  Enjoy your last few days of freedom under the sun with your feet in the grass!

You like art? Well, on September 2nd, the Institute of Contemporary Art is granting free admission for you to freely enjoy and explore the ICA’s gallery and exhibits. It’s open from 10 am to 5 pm.

Last but not least, if you are not one to get seasick than I recommend you hop on one of these cruises to go whale watching! Boston is THE place to do it and they guareantee sighting!

All right, time for me to tap out! – Hey, I think I gave you enough ideas for you to plan this weekend in Boston without one second of boredom. Oh, and our bus is not completely full yet so you can still make a reservation ! Give us a call at (514) 285-2777 or click right here!

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