New Port's Mansion!

The charm and dazzle is in the details.

Visiting the lavish Newport Mansions is an experience out of the ordinary. Through the visit of these once so called ‘’summer cottage’’, you are taken right back to the "Gilded Age" of American history.

Back  in the late 19th century, America’s wealthiest residents evaded to this coastal area to build their ‘’ summer cottage’’ as a way to dodge the eclectic New York city lifestyle.

These ‘’cottages’’, better known as the ‘’Newport Mansions’’ are now recognized for their enormous facades and lavish interior design that has drawn waves of tourist in the last years.

As part of our 3 days and 2 night’s trip to Boston we will take you to visit two of the most jaw-dropping mansion; The Elms and the Breakers.

The Elms, is one of Newport’s most popular mansions. Back then, its owners went to great length to give the house a magical illusion. So, as you walk through the living quarters and working rooms of this castle, pay special attention to the glittering detailing!

Now this one is a must see. This Renaissance –inspired estate dubbed ‘’The Breakers’’ has been a fan-favorite for its gold and platinum walls and its grandiose view overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Fun fact; did you know that this mansion actually got its name because of the waves crashing onto the rocks below the house..?

All in all, these mansions are not a joke. When visiting, make sure you take your time and enjoy the sophisticated craftsmanship that was put into the foundation and design of these houses.

Have you ever visited the Newport Mansions? Well no better time than now, right? We still have a couple of seats left on our next departure to Beantown this Saturday!

Enjoy it, it's a long weekend ... :)
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Enjoy it, it's a long weekend ... :)

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