Spectacular pictures and tasty Italian meals, what’s better?

New York is celebrating Italian dishes in Little Italy and photography in Brooklyn this weekend!

If you’re in New York this weekend, the perfect activities are only a subway ride away. And on top of that, attendance is free!

Photoville is returning for its 8th edition in Brooklyn. Not only will you get to witness spectacular photographs, but you will also be in a really cool setting, right by the East river, surrounded by shipping containers in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Make no mistake, the activity isn’t just a little picture showcase… It’s a massive celebration of the art of photography, with over 600 artists, 80 exhibits, talks, film screenings, and food and beer will be sold there too; anything to fulfill your 5 senses. You can go there as soon as 12p.m but the night view of the city would really compliment the pictures you will inevitably be taking.

If food is more your thing, Little Italy is hosting the Feast of San Gennaro for 10 straight days, starting September 12th. You’ll get a chance to try out typical Italian dishes and drinks while walking around neighborhood and celebrating the patron saint of Naples. And if you come with an empty enough stomach, you might be able to attempt competing in the cannoli, meatball or zeppole-eating contests.

Not to worry, if Photoville is an activity that you’d be into, it will be up until September 22nd  and so will the San Gennaro Feast. Click here if you want to book a trip to get a chance to experience these amazing events.

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