Here’s something you can do outside in New York this weekend!

The Hester Street Fair has all the means to make the last weekend of summer that much more enjoyable!

Yes, I’m afraid summer 2019 is coming to an end this weekend, but don’t despair. Autumn and winter still host plenty of indoor activities in New York. But if you wanted to get a shot to enjoy the Big Apple’s fresh air one last time before it gets chilly outside, the Hester Street Fair is something you should be considering.

The lower East Side flea and street fair will be hosting one of Manhattan’s best collections of vendors of all kinds of foods, like pies, arancinis, sandwiches but also clothing, jewelry and much more variety. The best part is that attendance is free; you’ll just have to pay for whatever degustation you choose. The fair will be opening its gates on Saturday, for everyone to enjoy.

You’ll be able to enjoy the park under nice weather and you’ll also be close to Chinatown, meaning you can just go there to visit or eat if the fair made you hungry.

And don’t be afraid, the fair isn’t only going to be there this weekend. It does have a different theme every time it opens though, so make sure you don’t miss too many Hester Street Fairs. Click on this link to see the trips to New York that we offer.

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