Fall is a time for Museums!

If you think activities disappear as soon as summer does, you’re wrong.

Unfortunately, Fall is upon us, but there are bright sides. The days won’t be as long and hot and the leaves in the trees will start getting beautiful colours. It’s the perfect time to take a bus trip to look at nature’s colours, whether it be in the city or on the way there.

Fortunately for everyone, nothing stops the city that never sleeps, not even rainy days. And truly what better activity is there on chilly days then going to the museum?

All the museums in New York have spectacular exhibits to offer!

You can always check out the exhibits the Metropolitan Museum has to offer on 5th avenue, such as Native American art, Dutch masterpieces or their exhibitions celebrating the creative spirit of New York kids.

You can also check out the MoMa for more modern collections, like their abstract art displays and photography exhibits.

New York has many more museums than this but it’s not like I can state them all...So don’t wait another second to go explore New York’s active cultural life! Go check out this link to see the trips to the Big Apple that we offer.

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