Looking for a way to enjoy an early October weekend in New York?

Oktoberfest is hitting the Big Apple and you can’t miss your chance to enjoy it!

One of the best things that happen in October – besides Halloween – is Oktoberfest. I mean come on! It’s a cultural excuse to drink as much as you want/can without anyone being able to criticize you. And though you may be in the US and not Germany or Austria when the celebration begins, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to enjoy it as much as you can.

Because let me tell you something that’ll make you jump from joy: New York also hosts Oktoberfest-related activities, one of which is starting on October 4th and promises to be fun! The Dumbo Archway by York Street Subway in Brooklyn is being transformed into a German beer hall. The party promises to be extravagant, with limited edition beer steins, all kinds of German beers to try, pretzels and multiple typically German activities.

It’s a party you won’t want to miss out on! Go check out this link to see the trips we offer to New York.

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