Here are some suggestions for a day spent in SoHo!

You’re visiting New York and don’t want to get stuck doing only the basic NYC activities? Here are some fun things you can do in SoHo (in no particular order).

1)Thompson Street. This street gives you the opportunity to shop while appreciating New York’s history. The street is host to New York landmarks such as the Judson Memorial Church, while also mainly being made of shops for those who prefer fashion to history.

2)Canal Street. This street is full of all kinds of shops that you can go in and look at. There are a lot of vintage places which means you will most likely not be coming back empty handed. But if you don’t want to spend money, you can always look at the windowpanes.

3)Raoul’s. Having been located in SoHo for no less than 40 years, Raoul’s has extremely good meat dishes to offer, whether it be their all too famous Steak au poivre or their cheeseburger, everyone will find a little something they’ll love there.

4)The Drawing Center. If you’re looking for a fun museum to check out, this one is sure to tickle your fancy. This museum is strictly dedicated to drawing pieces, which promises to give you anything other than an ordinary experience.

5)The Leslie-Lohman Museum of art. This museum offers its audience a compilation of queer-centric exhibitions that’ll teach you a bit about queer culture and artists. It’s guaranteed to be interesting.

SoHo has activities for everyone’s tastes, whether it be shopping, eating or visiting. So, don’t miss out! Check out this link to see the trips to New York that we offer.

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