Important Holiday-Times New York Dates

If you’re planning a trip to the Big Apple between now and New Year’s, here are some dates you should know!

Without further ado:

OCTOBER 12th: Opening of Rockefeller Center Ice Skating rink.

OCTOBER 31st: Opening of the Bryant Park Ice Skating Rink.

OCTOBER 31st: Opening of the Bryant Park Christmas Market.

NOVEMBER 8th: Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular Premiere.

NOVEMBER 15th: Arrival of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.

NOVEMBER 18th: Opening of the Grand Central Station Christmas Market.

NOVEMBER 21st: Opening of the Union Square Christmas Market.

NOVEMBER 21st: Unveiling of Christmas window displays at Macy's department store.

NOVEMBER 25th: Unveiling of the Saks Fifth Ave Game of Lights.

NOVEMBER 25th: Unveiling of the window displays of the Tiffany store.

NOVEMBER 29th: Nutcracker premiere at the New York City Ballet.

DECEMBER 4th - 7 pm: Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Illumination Ceremony (live on NBC).

DECEMBER 4th: Opening of the Columbus Circle Christmas Market.

JANUARY 1st: End of Macy's Christmas window displays.

JANUARY 7th - 9PM: End of Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Illumination.

If you weren’t planning on going to New York but this list made your mouth water, check out this link to see the trips to New York that we offer.

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