Your Weekly Holiday Events – November 11th to 18th

Halloween has been over for 11 days now which means Christmas time is well on its way.

Some events have already taken place in the Big Apple, such as the opening of the Rockefeller Center and Bryant Park ice skating rinks, the opening of the Bryant Park Christmas Market and the grand premiere of the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular. But worry not, the celebration is only just beginning!

The iconic Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is being set up. While the tree arrived on November 9th, the Swarovski star will only be placed on the top of the tree on November 13th, and the set up will be complete on the 15th. You can go admire the many decorations, or ice skate by it to a take a very cliché but worthy picture to show your friends. Fun fact: today, more than half a million people pass by the Tree every day, making Rockefeller Center the epicenter of New York City’s holiday celebrations.

On November 18th, the Grand Central Station Holiday Fair (or Christmas Market) is opening its doors. There, you will find gifts for all prices, ages and tastes. On top of seeing a beautiful architectural building, 40 artisans will be there to give you a peak at their specialties with a range in content and prices. Even without buying anything, it’s a must-stop activity.

So here you have it, this week’s activities for the holiday times in New York. Check in next week to see what else is happening in the big city. In the meantime, click on this link to see the trips to New York that we offer.

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