Frenzy Tours is pleased to offer Escale à New York a Ulysses travel guide.

A new travel guide that allows you to choose the absolute best for a short stay!

Each year, Frenzy Tours strives to bring a touch of novelty to our trips and this year is no exception. Frenzy Tours now offers a new travel guide, along with the official tourist guide and map of New York we already provide with each package, allowing you to get more from your stay in the Big Apple and really make the best of it. Whether it’s your first visit or you visit regularly, Escale à New York explores a multitude of neighborhoods, shops, museums, parks, and restaurants, and suggests some must-sees for your stay in New York City. In short, this travel guide allows you to navigate through the exceptional offers of a city that is just as exceptional! To learn more about the travel guide Escale à New York, do not hesitate to visit Ulysses’ site and watch a short video description:,9782894644843,produit.html

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