Now that the holiday season has come to an end, it is time to think about new adventures!

Frenzy Tours offers much more than Montreal to New York ...

Frenzy Tours is often associated with New York, but it is only one of our specialties. Even closer to Montreal than New York is Boston also known as Beantown, the name celebrates one of Boston’s signature dishes: baked beans in molasses. Boston is also referred to as the Athens of America for its numerous universities which include Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, better known by the acronym MIT. Boston will charm you with its cobbled streets and gas lamps in the old city that has managed to remain on a human scale and whose population is somewhat equivalent to that of Quebec, without the suburbs. We plan to make four departures this year, mostly on long weekends, with a bonus trip to Newport to see the famous castles of New England. On top of these four departures there will be a very special end of October Halloween trip, including Salem and its witches disguised for the occasion. To get a taste of all that Boston and Frenzy Tours can offer, please watch this nice video with music from Boston USA Destination:

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