New York is the best city in the world according to Time Out magazine!

Or at least this is what the New York version of the magazine claims...

Here are a few reasons that explain why New York  is the best city in the world according to Time Out: Because we can eat whatever we want in one of the 7866 restaurants, more restaurants than Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington all together; because we can encounter famous humorists in intimate venues for as little as 12 to 14 dollars; because it’s the only city where the subway runs 24 hours a day and it has the most stations:468; because there are so many theaters: 420, more than in Paris or London; because we can hear more than 800 languages such as French (which we can hear a lot in Times Square, especially during Easter weekend with thousands of Quebecois who come to enjoy their long holiday weekend!). If you wish to know the other reasons that make the Big Apple the best city in the world, follow this link:

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