Do you think that Broadway shows are over your budget?

Here is how to save money on Broadway show tickets!

Most  people who have been to the Big Apple know the famous TKTS discount booth located in the center of Times Square, under the red stage full of tourists. You can buy discounted tickets there on the day of the show. Yet, there are two other TKTS booths, one located in South Street Seaport and the other located in Brooklyn. The one in South Street Seaport is still closed due to the damage caused by hurricane Sandy, but please note that you can buy tickets there as early as 11 a.m. for the evening shows, which is way before the main booth in Times Square opens! There are also websites that allow you to get discounted tickets before you arrive in New York, without mentioning last minute purchases at the theater’s ticket window... If you want to learn more about the different ways to purchase discounted tickets for Broadway shows, check out this website:

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