The National Football League never has been as affordable with Frenzy Tours!

It is never too early to start planning your football season…

 Frenzy Tours has just put four football packages online to Buffalo and New York in September, October and November. All of our tours by luxury coach transportation depart from Montreal Saturdays, and we return on Sunday evenings. Our hotels are located just 15 minutes away from the stadiums and each game is preceded by our “Super Tail Gate” which is a little feast! Burgers, hot dogs, chicken wings, chicken drumsticks, shrimp and much more will be waiting for you on our 60 inch-long barbecue! The perfect weekend: great food and sports! Be the first one to book to make sure you benefit from Frenzy Tours’ expertise! This year, Frenzy Tours is celebrating ten years of sports trips and ten years of NFL.

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