Looking for ideas on how to spend a beautiful weekend in New York?

Here are a few suggestions from a list of 101 activities found in Time Out magazine:

Every summer, you can access the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art for free to take advantage of the magnificent view of Central Park.  This year, you’ll also be able to admire a piece of art by Pakistani artist Imran Qureshi.  Feel like taking a ride through Manhattan or Brooklyn?  For the first time, Citibike offers New Yorkers and visitors 6000 bicycles, a concept inspired by Montreal’s Bixi. Do you hear the ocean calling your name? Take the subway to one of the many beaches on Long Island. The most famous, Coney Island, is perfect for families that want to enjoy the beach, as well as the New York Aquarium and the attractions and rides at Luna Park. To discover Time Out’s other suggestions, check out the magazine’s website:  http://www.timeout.com/newyork/things-to-do/101-things-to-do-in-the-summer-in-new-york-city-2013

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